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2018 Public Policy Position on Colorado State House and Senate Bills

Following is the stance that AAUW Colorado is taking on State level House and Senate Bills.  Some of them indicate a reason why AAUW Colorado is taking the stance they are.  Immediately following is some information on bills that Colorado Area Realtors Association is taking on some housing related bills.  It is always interesting to read more about what the bills are, what they hope to accomplish; in addition to the reasons to support or opposed a bill.

Remember that AAUW as a whole is non-partisan.

To follow legislative activities at State level, please feel free to check out this webpage:

2018 Colorado AAUW Legislative Agenda

AS: Active Support  S: Support  M: Monitor  O: Oppose  AO: Active Opposition

State House Bills:

AS HB18-1001: FAMILI Family Medical Leave Insurance Program- State Insurance Program to provide partial wage replacement benefits to care for a new child or a family member with a serious health condition
AS  HB18-1018: Human Trafficking Commercial Drivers License
AS HB18-1115: DPS Human Trafficking Related Training
S HB18-1002: Rural School District Teaching Fellowship Programs
S HB18-1003: Opiod Misuse Prevention
S HB18-1004: Continue Child Care Tax Credit
S HB18-1021: Task Force for Youth experiencing Homelessness
S HB18-1033: Employee Leave to participate in Elections
S HB18-1064: Training Program Preventions of Child Sexual Abuse
S HB18-1033: Employee Leave to participate in Elections
S HB18-1070: Additional Public School Capital Construction Funding
S HB18-1088: Funding for Full Day Kindergarten
M HB18-1046: New Birth Certificate to reflect gender change
M HB18-1067: Right to Rest Act
M HB18-1125: Tax Credit Employer Assisted Housing Pilot Program
M HB18-1019: K-12 Accreditation Weighted Factors
M HB18-1127: Residential Landlord Rental Application
M HB18-1086: Community College Bachelor of Nursing Degree
O HB18-1014: Eliminate Social Studies Assessment in High School
O HB18-1037: Concealed Handguns on School Grounds – Removes current prohibition
AO HB18-1082: Women’s Right to Accurate Healthcare Information (RIGHT Act) – Reason Anti-choice
AO HB18-1120: Prohibition of dismemberment Abortion
AO HB18-1121: No Funding for Trafficking Aborted Human Parts – Terminates state funding for higher education institutes that engage in trafficking of aborted human body parts.  None of them do; solution looking for a problem.

State Senate Bills:

AS SB18-055: Increase Surcharge for Trafficking Children – increase to $3,000
AS SB18-084: Protection Minor Victims of Human Trafficking
S SB18-058: Failure to report child abuse or neglect statute of limitations – begin to run upon discovery.
S SB18-004: Funding for Full Day Kindergarten
S SB18-013: Expand Child Nutrition School Lunch Protection Act – extends eligibility from 5th grade to 8th grade
S SB18-075: Contribution Limits for School District Directors
S SB18-085: Financial Incentives for Education in Rural Areas – increases stipends to $6,000
M SB18-002: Financing Rural Broad Band
M SB18-006: Recording fee to Fund Affordable Housing *(See info below)
M SB18-007: Affordable Housing Tax Credit – extend to 2024 *(See info below)
M SB18-010: Rental Lease Copy and Rent Receipt – Residential landlord must provide to tenant.
M SB18-011: Students Excused From Taking State Assessments – requires parental excuse in writing & prohibits school discriminating against students that opt out.
M SB18-021: Military Enlistment School Performance Factor  – adds military enlistment within a year of graduation as a measure of performance
M SB18-087: In State Tuition for Foreign Nationals – for special immigrants and refugees who have settled in Colorado
M SB18-090: Terminology Referencing Rights of Married Women – change to be inclusive of gender
M SB18-095: Outdated References to “illegitimate” Children
M SB18-104: Federal Funds for Rural Broadband Development
AO SB18-083 Education Income Tax Credits for Non-Public Schools


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