AAUW WCCC Scholarship 

The Colorado Mesa University Foundation manages the Western Colorado Community College (formerly known as UTEC) Scholarship Fund on behalf of our AAUW Branch. It all started in 1998 when member Lori Wood had the idea to start a scholarship at UTEC for women studying in non-traditional fields. She enlisted the help of members of the special interest group, “Chocolate Lovers and Silly Games” to produce an AAUW cookbook…
The Anecdotal Chocolate and Other Juicy Morsels from Western Colorado.
The proceeds of their sale were contributed to the fund.

In the 2006-07 program year, a donor campaign was promoted to raise funds for the WCCC Scholarship in order to build the necessary principal from which to expend funds for scholarships. In March 2007 the endowment became actualized, meaning scholarships up to $1,000 could now be issued for women students studying in a non-traditional field.

Criteria: Full time female student attending WCCC enrolled in non-traditional major,  Minimum GPA of 3.0, must demonstrate financial need, preferred recipient will be sophomore. Each recipient shall agree to allow AAUW GJ Branch to publish their name and likeness to media to promote the scholarship.

AAUW Women Veterans Scholarship

In 2016, a need was identified in the community for additional funds for women veterans to attend college.  As a result, our branch decided to fund a trial basis scholarship to assist those who have served our nation. At present, this scholarship is not endowed and not funded.

Criteria: Full or Part time at CMU or WCCC, honorably discharged female veteran or continuing her service in National Guards/Reserves, military commendations will be considered in selection of recipient. Each recipient shall agree to allow AAUW GJ Branch to publish their name and likeness to media to promote the scholarship.

Mary Rait/Mary Jewell Willsea Endowed Grants 

The Mary Rait Grant was established by the Grand Junction Branch of AAUW in honor of Mary Rait, a long-time champion of education in Mesa County. Mary taught at Mesa College (then a Junior College)and was a charter member of the Grand Junction AAUW Branch in 1927. Later, in the early 1990’s, Mary Jewell Willsea, aunt of AAUW member Harriett Craig, learned from Harriett about the Rait Scholarship which was awarded to women returning to college to work toward a degree after some years away from the academic scene. Her strong interest in supporting non-traditional women in education led Mary Jewell Willsea to leave a bequest of over $80,000 from part of the proceeds of the sale of her home at 7th and Gunnison.

The earnings of this endowed grant support one or more women with a scholarship.

Criteria is: Full time female non-traditional student, Must have successfully completed 60 college credit hours, Minimum cumulative and institutional GPA of 3.0, working towards Bachelors degree in any course of study, must demonstrate financial need, student may reapply if she continues to meet all the criteria. Each recipient shall agree to allow AAUW GJ Branch to publish their name and likeness to media to promote the scholarship.

Bequests and Future Donations

 Eugenia McClure Bequest

 In April 2011, the Grand Junction Branch received a bequest from the estate of past and longtime member Eugenia McClure. The bequest amount of $7,914.64 was given to the Grand Junction Branch AAUW, the AAUW Educational Funds, and to AAUW Colorado.

AAUW members across our nation include bequests in their estate planning for either national, state, or local AAUW branches. These endowments are cherished and greatly appreciated. Please consider this in your estate plans as well.

Donations to the Branch

 Branch members may continue to donate to the WCCC Scholarship Fund; the Mary Rait/Mary Jewell Willsea Endowed Grants Fund or the Women Veterans Scholarship Fund.

Donations should be made to the Colorado Mesa University Foundation, Fund Name and sent to Jane Fitzgerald.